CXC Power-Pack

Transform your smartphone into an all-purpose device and go wherever adventure takes you. From everyday usage to extreme activities, Case by Case is the most functional mobile accessory system on the market.


Case X

Power Bank

Wall Mounts x3

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Estimated Delivery 

iPhone 6/6s/7/8: May 2019 

iPhone Plus Models, X/s, XsMax, Xr: Spring 2019

  • Case X

Case X


Case by Case (CXC) is revolutionizing mobile accessories as the iPhone did cell phones. While the touch face of your phone provides a platform for infinite software applications, we utilize the undeveloped real estate on the back of your phone to provide a universal platform for infinite hardware applications. Our low-tech approach provides intuitive yet critical functionality to charge, carry, protect and mount your phone in ways that enhance every possible use. 


Magnetic key lock attachment platform 

Flush backing allows for wireless charging compatibility

Built in kickstand and assisted finger holdC Rings double as tension locks for additional accessories (ie handlebar mount and action mount)

Tech Specs

One case outfits the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8

One case outfits the iPhone 6+, 6s+, 7+ and 8

One case outfits the iPhone X and Xs

CXC signature waterproof, soft-touch material

Mobile phone/credit card friendly magnets


The CXC power bank helps you cut ties with your current charging method and power your phone on the go. Simply connect the power bank to Case X with the magnetic X attachment and plug the cable into your phone via the Lightning adapter. 

2600 mAh capacity gives phone one full charge 
Magnetic attachment system connects securely to Case X 
Accommodates multiple devices with Micro-USB cable, Lightning adapter and USB-C adapter 

Tech Specs 
2600 mAh 
96mm x 62mm x 7mm

Wall Mount

Connect your phone to anything with the CXC wall mount. From the kitchen, to your nightstand and everywhere in between.

Magnetic attachment system connects securely to Case X 
3M adhesive allows you to place wall mount wherever you want 

Tech Specs 
50mm x 80mm 
Compatible with all Case X models

With One Case...

attachments can be interchanged on a “Case by Case” basis so it serves as a personal ecosystem that truly adapts to fit your lifestyle. 

CXC is an acronym of our name (CX backward C), forms the infinity sign, and allows us to live Case by Case: “Attach Yourself to Infinite Possibilities”. 

From a functional perspective:

  • The 2 C-rings fold out and serve as kickstands, additional finger hold loops and tension locks when used with our mount accessories.
  • The X functions as the magnetic key lock that securely holds all corresponding accessories in place. 

No Need for a Power Outlet. Charge Whenever and Wherever.

CXC 2600mAh Power Bank battery easily attaches and detaches to the back of your Case X. Providing up to one full charge (depending on use), it’s compatible with any Case X model and can be used independently with other smartphones and devices.